Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum

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The Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan compound was built between 1893 and 1903, and is well known for it's Gate of Peace, Temple and personal library of Bogd Khaan.

Among the museum's exhibits are sculptures by Mongolia's first Bogd Khaan Zanabazar, the famous Taras. The museum has 21 invaluable sculptures of Taras. The collections at the Palace Museum numbers over 8,000 exhibits, of these 72 are certified by the State as unique but others are priceless artifacts. For example, there is a mantle (lama's) made of black fox fur that was presented to the first Bogd Zanabazar by the Manchurian King Enkh-Amgalan. The fur mantle is made of 80 fox skins and, by removing spinal parts of the skins, is seen to be adorned with 61 pieces of coral flower and 800 pieces of pearl. Its length is 186cm and the width of its skirt is 7 meters. Bogd Khaan also had a jacket made of yellow brocade and decorated with pearl patterns in which about 22,000 small pearls have been used. Besides this, it is worthy of mention that there is a hat, made from the leaves of a sandal tree that had been presented to the Bogd Khaan by Dalai Lama V and a chair presented by Russian Tsar Nikolai II. In its time, the chair used to play music when someone sat on it. The museum preserves the crown of the Bogd Khaan, a music box, silver articles, various stuffed animals, a carriage, silver saddle, and many other priceless and unique items.

Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum
Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum

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