When in Europe, don’t do this to avoid landing in jail

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Europe is a destination that is likely to be almost every new age youth’s must-go destination. A lot of us would want to walk through the cobbled streets of Italy, enjoy gazing at the Alps Mountains in Switzerland, and savour the Grecian cuisine. But imagine if, while on your dream holiday to a European destination, you end up getting handcuffed without knowingly committing a crime! 

Well, in Europe there are crimes that are very unusual in nature, and it helps to be aware of them so that you are beware of committing them to keep your trip positively memorable. Below, take a look at some city-specific crimes in Europe that could land you in jail. 

In France, don’t do these

An ashtray is like a deadly weapon for the French, and a person walking with onions in Parisshould be given the right side on the streets. Both these laws sound totally absurd though it is not clear why they have been framed in the first place.

Avoid sightseeing in Greece while wearing high heels

The Grecian ancient sites are their cherished heritage. Numerous tourists from different parts of world throng those sites in Athens and Olympia to admire the history of the Greeks. But, before you go about sightseeing in Greece, make sure you put on flat sandals even though you are the kind of woman, who couldn’t step out in public without wearing high heels! Yes, the Greeks take their heritage very seriously, and believe that high-heeled shoes can adversely affect the monument floors.

It is OK to claim your rights on a lost child in Denmark if....

If the parent/guardian of a lost child in Denmark doesn’t show up in two hours, any other person, who has found the child, can claim their right on him/her. 

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