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The car in Mongolia is the main and often the only means of transportation for tourists.

In Mongolia, only 5% of roads paved, the rest is almost entirely underground. Therefore, to travel around the country, we offer only the SUVs. For off-road vehicles produced in Mongolia, virtually no barriers that attracts fans of rest on wheels. Yurts nomads, ancient monuments and monasteries – all this you can see when traveling by car.

Actually all tours in Mongolia are mostly on machines. Exceptions are tours in which to save time depart the country.

At your request we will make you a car tour. Simply enter the number of persons, duration of the tour, your wishes and our managers will offer you the best option. You can just rent our car and driver and move independently of your chosen route. Our staff will help you find accommodation while traveling through Mongolia (camp sites, overnight in nomad, hotels in Ulaanbaatar and settlements)

To travel around the country (especially long tours) usually tourists choose (and we strongly recommend it) Russian UAZ. It is not fanciful machines, enough light to maintain and repair. Japanese, Korean jeeps on the level of comfort is certainly not compared with UAZami, but … they often do not withstand a long journey (repeatedly proven in practice). Repair as a foreign jeep possible only in repair shops in Ulan Bator.

In short tours in the central part of the country and you can travel on comfortable SUVs and minivans. Central Aimag, Kharkhorin, national parks. But travel to the falls only on the SUV.

Fishing, fishing trips – only 469 cars UAZ and UAZ minivan, Mitsubishi Delika.

The Gobi Desert. In the depths of the wilderness movement only UAZah. When traveling in Harman Tzav further escort car.


In Mongolia, it is impossible to rent a car without a driver. So, in the country there is no such kind of service. But on a trip to Mongolia, you can find the driver with knowledge of Russian language. Currently, however, this is rare. Young people are rarely learns Russian. In what way, you can always rely on the help of our driver. You can in our company simply rent a car with a driver and travel around the country on its route.


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