Michelle Rodriguez in Mongolia for Golden Eagle Hunting Festival

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  • 1 year ago

Famous hollywood actress and screenwriter Michelle Rodriguez has attended in Golden Eagle Hunting Festival - 2014 in Mongolia.

She arrived in South Korea for the Asian Game-2014 held in Incheon, South Korea and after came to Mongolia for to be part of eagle hunting festival.

Ms Rodriguez had great time and experienced with Mongolian Nomadic Lifestyle, Ethnic Divercity of Western Mongolia.

During the festival she said, My true genetic origin related to Mongolia. The ancestors of my mother side came from Mongolia to America, thousands of years ago during the migration, that went through Siberia and Alaska.

She discovered her amazing secret, when she was doing DNA test at National Geographic scientific research.

Golden Eagle Hunting Festival

The annual event take a place in Western Mongolia early october.

Mongolian Khazakh nation are known to the world as a Eagle Hunters of Mongolia.

Because of their tradition of hunting animals with well trained golden eagle, brings that honour to them.

All competitors prepares their eagle hunting skill to the sharp side and bring their best golden eagles to the festival for the final title.

Michelle Rodriguez in Mongolia for Golden Eagle Hunting Festival

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