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Travel south to the Gobi Desert to attend the renowned "Thousand Camel Festival," is already one of the most famous winter festivals in the world organized by a local non-governmental organization working to protect and preserve the Bactrian camel population, which has been steadily declining over the past twelve years.

This thrilling festival was first initiated in 1997 by the locals of Umnugovi (South Gobi) to celebrate Mongolian camels and protect the species and pass the rich Mongolian camel breeding heritage to the next generation. Nomads from far and near wear their best traditional costume and ride their best camels to attend the festival.

The date of the Ten Thousand Camel Festival 2016 is 6-7 March and the event will take place in Dalanzadgad town of South Gobi. Highlights of the festival include camel races, performances by traditional Mongolian musicians and dancers and there will be a parade of 1000 camel riders for the Guinness World Record Book during the festival!

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