Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains

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The trip takes you to the most western point of Mongolia, the majestic Mongol Altai mountains – country’s largest and highest mountain range with glacier topped peaks over 3000 meters, crystal clean mountain rivers and glistening streams where inhabit world’s largest wild sheeps - Argali, ibex, snow leopard, wolves, eagles and many other bird species.

The name Altai Tavan Bogd (Five Holy Peaks of Altai) was given to a cluster of 5 dramatic peaks that tower this extensive Mongol Altai mountain range. The climate is extreme with very little vegetation, giving the surrounding landscape a barren appearance. Trekking session leads us to the holy 5 peaks where the highest is Khuiten peak at 4374m. We trek through the snowy mountains, cross the longest glaciers of the country.

After a fascinating trek we will make 3 day horse trekking through the colorful valleys towards the most beautiful lakes of the area. On this way long we will constantly visit local families of Kazakh, Tuva and Khoton minority groups to make short breaks while exploring their lifestyle and customs as well as exchanging our friendly talks with them. - See more at:

Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains

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