Gobi Desert

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Most people picture Mongolian Gobi as a sandy flat area, sand dunes, infertile dried mud soil or… ,but after they travelled Mongolia, they completely deny it and define Mongolian Gobi that it supports life and is an amazingly surprising area, every day.

Some parts of Mongolian Gobi are daunting rocky mountains covered with plants. It has plenty of streams, springs and animals while other parts have views of marvelous blue mountains combined with high, long continue sand dunes and lush green-shored streams. Most of the time when you look around while traveling in the Gobi, you will see endless steppes edged with horizon. Nevertheless, the Gobi surprises you every day by its natural beauty. One of the questions tourists ask a lot while traveling through Mongolian Gobi desert is; Is there any uninhabited area even by nomads? Answer is YES. In some parts of southern Mongolia, many huge areas continue hundreds of kilometers. Those places are uninhabited because of its remoteness, lack of vegetation and water. Therefore, those places are rich in wild animals. As well as have some dinosaur fossils. Of course, emptiness of the Gobi makes tourist to ask this. When you travel Mongolian Gobi, some days you won't see either of nomad family or of village.

Gobi Desert

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