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Naadam Festival is the major highlight of the Mongolian festivals and the most famous national holiday.

Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, particularly being in the city on a tour during the Naadam festival has been rated first in the list of top twenty trips of 2011 ( by the National Geographic). There are plenty to feast your eyes and attract your attention such as traditional wrestling, archery and open field horse races of different horse age categories, magnificent opening and closing ceremony of the festival and the public themselves feasting proudly in colourful traditional dresses and much more. Combining the festival tour with a visit to the vast expanses of the Gobi provides you a nice escape from the buzzing cities. Leave behind all your modern day frustrations whilst immersing yourself in the beauty and purity of the Gobi landscape. Mongolian Gobi is the least populated area in the world, but has a lot see and experience ranging from endless steppes edges with horizon, spotless blue sky during day time and sparkling stars at night, world rare 2 humped camel experiences, natural scenery, nomadic life and more. You may know that the Gobi is in the world attention by its beauty, by its uniqueness, by its rich mineral resources and by dinosaur fossils.


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