Best One Day Trips Ideas

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  • 2 years ago

Everyone likes to travel, but we don’t always have the time or money to do it. Don’t let work, family, obligations and many other distractions take you away from the healing and growing experience that is traveling.

It doesn’t have to be a year of solo backpacking into the Alaska territory or a whole Europe trip, sometimes just to escape for a short while can have invigorating effects in for body and emotions.

If you are planning to recharge some energy by taking a day to explore around, then sometimes one day trip is all you need. Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, there are many ways to transform the short time in your hands into a small adventure.

If you are in the lucky situation of being able to take one day for yourself then you may like to get some ideas about what you can do with it. Here we offer you 6 tips to make the best of that one day trip.

Best One Day Trips Ideas

Have a Cultural Day

Best One Day Trips Ideas

f you think that one day is not enough time to get to learn from a city or town you are profoundly mistaken. Most places are full of museums about the local history and tourist maps with information about the main visiting places, which are easy to get. Usually, you can get them at the cultural centers, museums, public transportation hubs or hotels, for free of charge. Once you have your map, decide what catches your interest the most and go there. It can be historical buildings, monuments or beautiful parks; you will learn a great amount about the place culture and its inhabitants.

Explore Nature

Best One Day Trips Ideas

Not all places are about urbanization and city life, there are a lot greener options if that is what you are into. If where you happen to have a beach and you enjoy baking in the sun and playing in the ocean, a beach day could be a relaxing experience. Not a beach person, don’t worry; many towns are close to national parks or beautiful forest to go trekking for the day. Enjoy the peace and quiet surrounded by hundred-year-old trees and crystal clear rivers, while getting some healthy exercise. Numerous parks and public forest are also equipped with camping zones where you can install a small camp and delight in a barbecue with friends and family.

Blend in with the Locals

Best One Day Trips Ideas

If you haven’t researched enough of what kind of things there are to see or do, you can always make use of your charisma and intrapersonal skills. Make friends with the locals, they know all the good things that are not told in tourist maps or tours. Not only you will get to see a side of town that few visitors get to live, you will also most likely end up going for free or paying way less in any activity or place that charges foreigner visitors full prices. Some of the best places to find and befriend locals are bars and small food places, here you can approach someone and tell them about you short trip and your desires of visiting and knowing the town or city.

Eat your way Through

Best One Day Trips Ideas

If you don’t care about history and culture; too lazy to walk mountains and forests; don’t like talking with strangers, then don’t worry, you can always have a one day culinary experience enjoying the local recipes. In your debauchery through town, you can go to the favorite restaurants of the locals, taste new and delicious dishes or increasing your chances of having diabetes by munching all the sweets you can find. This particular kind of traveling is so common that you may find special maps of the place that mark the best joints for enjoying good food and drinks.

Activities and adventures

Best One Day Trips Ideas

If you are more of an energy ball always needing to do something new and exciting, then looking for some adrenalin-pumping activity is your choice. A high number of cities and towns offer things like skydiving, scuba diving, horse riding, rafting, etc. If you go ask any tourist agency they will help you find what you are looking for. You will have tons of fun and will make that day an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

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