When I shoot my actions, my breath, my thoughts stop

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This one is the most widespread among people. This one was valued at MNT 2 million.

During my travles with my dad I had captured every moment in my mind...”
It is always beneficial to connect travel with photography. Since my childhood I would join my dad to travel. During those times I would capture every moment, every plant in my mind. Later, even though I have graduated from Policy Academy with a degree in law, I have always been drawn for photography.

Photos that captured nomadic lifestyle and culture will remain as history...”
I aim to take shots of nature and nomadic lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle is changing according evolution. Herders are no longer ride horses to herd their cattle. We cannot blame them for using motocycles. It is natural evolving process of the society and people adjust to use of more convenient means. Although people are changing, the photos will remain as a historical proof. This is my contribution in preserving the nomadic culture, what if someday one will need the images of all the gone. On the other hand I like to take pictures of cave paintings, stone memorials and remains of temples. Those will stay.

Fall leafs cannot be found in summer, summer flowers cannot be found in winter. Therefore...”
I am a nature photographer. It is hard to say I am nature photographer If I stay in the studio 24/7. Therefore, it is hard to say nature photography is done only in summer. Snowdrop flowers can only be seen in spring... Offsprings come only in spring... Birds come back only in spring. While fall will bring crops... Nature changes its colors... Summer colors are found only summer... Therefore, If I say I am nature photographer, it means I go shooting whole year round.

Once I said that because of my country is beautiful my pictures are so mind blowing...”
In 2011 I have made travel named Through the Country of Blue Sky, which covered the distance of 25,000 km and I have covered all 21 aimags. In 2013 I have exhibited my photos in each aimag named Through the Country of Blue Sky. Foreigners have been saying that my pictures are so goo and Mongolia is very beautiful. I said to them that because of my country is beautiful my pictures are so mind blowing. I have published two photo albums. Now I am working on a pictured map of the places one should visit with most appropriate routes.

You have to wait to take a perfect shot...”
Some underestimate nature photography as to just pointing out the lenses and calture the scene. While the whole process involves detailed calculation of costs, estimates on possible risks, besides weather conditions such as rain and snow, that we have to wait out for days. Even with bright sunshine I might wait for a thin cloud in order to have perfect shot. After those extended waitings it feels great to capture the scenery just as I wished.

I am not a patient person. But I will wait out any cold and hot conditions and wait out through the night. I have had an instance when I have waited for four days.

Photo that I have captured after two days of waiting...”
There is a photo with three wild sheep. It took me two days in a hideout. It was hard as time won't pass at all. And the interesting part was that wild sheep would only come out for drink to that specific location.

With good frying pan only a good chef will make delicious dish...”
Honestly, I am terrible cook. It won't do any magic if one will bring me most expensive frying pan. Same goes with photography. Many say that if I use expensive camera my photos will be perfect. But the trick is one has to have sense, knowledge and skills. Camera is just a tool. Taking a photo is not just clicking the buttons and looking through the lense.

Do I breathe when taking a photo?”
“When I take photos I feel that my camera becomes one with me. When I take a photo I do not breathe and do not think about anything. Afterwards, I would feel that I am out of breath and I am  sweating.

It is very sad when I couldn't capture what I wanted...”
I feel sad and lonely If I miss the change after so many efforts and costs.

I'm not sure how many days it will take to capture image of Mazaalai bear...”
I plan on shooting the Saussurea dorogostaiskii Palib in Uvs aimag, travel to Altai Tavan Bogd Khuiten peak and capture the images of peaks and canyons there. Lately I am interested in taking pictures of animals. During summer thinking of taking picture of Mazaalai bear, but i'm not sure how many days it will take.

Most beautiful place exists in mind and heart...”
I am a traveller. If one would say that place is the most beautiful place one would get imagine it as best and will be boxed in that image. While the most neautiful place exists in the mind and heart. If you think that Dornod steppes are the most picturesque and if the place really exceeds your expectations it will remain as the most beautiful place.

There is memory behind every picture...”
I can never find words to describe what is photography. There is memory behind every picture. For me pictures are the most important. It is like the blackbox or the continuation of my thoughts...

Taking pictures, falling for it... What is the purpose...”
I have never thought on this. Many ask me about it. There are many purposes like my wish, my dream, my aim and so on. Even now not a single thought came to my mind asking why and what for am I doing all this. I have just realized it now when got asked why and what for.

"There are many pictures that would remind me where I have been and what I have been feeling at that exact moment. This picture is one of them. It was on September 27th of 2013. I have been sitting in a ger eating noodle soup in Erdenekhairkhan soum center of Zavkhan aimag after my travel to Khar Lake and Semjit Cliffs. I can still feel the taste of mutton soup and small cuts of noodles. I have had pleasant conversation with the owners and they were as well very interested. And suddenly one would ask if I have been to the fountain of Nariin river and suggested me to go there. It was just 15km away and one could witness the heaven among the sands. I never finished my soup and just went straight there. I ran up the sand dunes. When reached the top I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place. This picture was captured just before the sunset."

"This one is the most successful of my attempts to capture the night Ulaanbaatar. I have learned from younger photographers in order to take this one. I have approached Khishigtogtokh, Tushig and Uchral, who are pros at night city photography. I would recommend to learn from the younger generation."

"This was when I have been travelling for 10 days through 5 aimags covering the distance of 2,800 km. The aim of the travel was to take photos of birds and animals. I have been to lakes in the eastern region. Due to extensive wild fires the birds lacked the favourable environment to spend their summer here as the fires burnt down all the reed. Especially birds migrating to Russia would not even make their usual stop here in Mongolia... I captured this one by crawling in the reeds of Buir Lake. It is difficult to take upclose picture of birds. Nowadays even birds have become more cautious. Great White Heron."

"This one is the most widespread among people. This one was valued at MNT 2 million."

When I shoot my actions, my breath, my thoughts stop
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